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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

In the past, I have not been huge on New Year's resolutions. I would usually write down a few goals, but I'm of the mindset that if you want to change something badly enough in your life, you won't wait for a new year to start in order to begin that journey. You want to become more fit? Why not start the next day, instead of Monday or after the holidays? You want to make sure the people in your life are only the ones that are inspiring you? Make sure to immediately stop messaging that person who only brings negativity into your life (admittedly easier said than done). So if this post is going up on New Year's Day and isn't a resolution post, what is it?

Over the past year, a friend of mine, Taylor, encouraged me to manifest my dreams. She is one of the most wonderful human beings on the planet who is somehow analytical/business oriented and also a yoga teacher, which seem paradoxical to most. As a very business-minded person, I was close-minded to this "manifestation" style at first. But my wonderful friend kept encouraging to speak out loud "I will get into INSEAD", "I will make this dream come true", "I will do x/y/z".

Last New Year's feat. Taylor, one of the best people you should ever hope to meet & always smiling

I'm not saying I got into INSEAD and living my French dream simply because I kept telling the universe I would, but it did change my mindset about the process. Now, I am an advocate for manifesting what you want - dream about it, write it down, talk about it loud (without caveats, such as "if it all works out..."). The more you speak about what you want, the more your mindset changes to help you achieve your goals and what you want out of life. Your attitude changes and allows you to go towards that goal without as much as fear of failure. A very simple sporting analogy is essentially manifesting - when I was younger and golfing with my Poppy, he told me to visualize where I wanted the golf ball to go. Visualize the path it would take, visualize myself hitting the ball with the force needed, and visualize the successful shot. When I took the few seconds to create this visualization, I generally succeeded. So why not use this technique for other aspects of our life? It's not enough to simply dream about what we want - visualize yourself succeeding, how you're going to succeed, and speak it into existence.

So I decided to write this post when speaking about manifesting dreams and horoscopes with some of my friends in my MBA program. You might be pleasantly surprised how many "Type A" personalities believe in this process. As were discussing, I came up with an idea of my own that I like more than a New Years resolution plan: manifesting my next year. This is me, writing down my honest and (highly) vulnerable manifestation for myself this next year - call it my personal horoscope for myself.

This year I will:

  • Graduate from one of the world's top graduate programs (INSEAD)

  • Obtain a venture capital internship (I really wanted to caveat this one by explaining how difficult it is to break into this industry, but I refuse to make caveats anymore)

  • Have a better relationship with my mom by improving our communication (who doesn't need to improve familial relationships after this year, right? Call your mom. Be honest and open.)

  • Allow myself to feel all spectrum of emotions and not "put on a face" to put others at ease so that I can be fully authentic and honest with those around me. I will learn to be difficult when necessary to maintain friendships I value and advance new relationships, even if it means revealing a piece of me that has never been shown.

  • Be with someone who chooses me everyday, just as I will choose them everyday.

Some of the above I felt nervous about even writing for myself, but here I am, putting them on the Internet and taking Taylor's guidance to manifest what I want for myself and those in my life. It's not easy to take the time to sit with your emotions and be honest about what you want, let alone visualize it for yourself and adamantly say this will happen. I used to set myself up with low expectations, because historically, things have not worked out as I had hoped and, frankly, it seemed things never would come to fruition. But as I mentioned in a previous post, I learned this year that taking chances does in fact mean I will be disappointed at times. Come on - it's simple probability and we should all be aware enough to recognize this. And you know what? It's okay to be disappointed to be at times. But what's not okay is muting yourself, softening your voice, and limiting your own chances by not taking any.

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