In Case You're Interested


What is it that energizes you?

For me, it's being able to write about my inspirations, trying times, and hopefully, successful times. 

You can find me laughing uncontrollably, boxing, sipping wine with friends, traveling, and frequenting 10+ websites about startups and the venture capital space to learn as much as possible to crack into the hallowed halls of unicorns and revered investors.

At first, I created this site to document personal and professional ventures, but I realized I truly enjoy writing about daily life. I am choosing to focus on the freedom and authenticity of writing about the rest of life's difficulties, capitalizing on the dream to live abroad, and all of the little moments that we look back on as the true inflection points of life changing course. 

Val's Ventures is truly my own little passion project. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll find connection, inspiration, or humor in some of my content. Hopefully this won't be another overrated, quarter-life crisis blog, but if it is, at least it is wholly mine and brings me joy. I hope it brings you joy, as well.